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Super Simple Seared Edamame 

Just 15 Minutes from Freezer to Table with Ingredients You Can Always Have On Hand


World's Best Seared Edamame with Chile Pepper

Hey Foodies,

Please help me welcome our first Guest Chef, Jon Hildreth.

Today he is bringing us Jon’s Super Simple Seared Edamame with Chile Peppers


Jon and I have been best friends for decades (lots of them!)

Each time I visit New Hampshire he lets me invade his home with my posse of pals and something interesting usually ensues. This visit was no different. His ultra-cool and indulgent wife Tracy generally just steps back and watches, amused to see what sort of debauchery will unfold. This visit was no different.  

Thank God that old friends are the most tolerant!

But before the wine started to “evaporate” and things got silly, Jon shared with us this incredibly great recipe for Seared Edamame with Chile Peppers.


Confession, he made them for me the previous night and they were so incredible, I had to request a redo. Hey, it was for the blog! Just taking one for the team.


Move over Popcorn and Chips -This is everything you want in an appetizer or snack!

These are delicious, healthy and simple to cook. The “char” that develops from pan- searing edamame really amps up the flavor. The chili pepper kicks it up another notch, and that little green bean is transformed. Add a generous sprinkle of sea salt flakes and you’ll never crave potato chips in quite the same way.

Seared Edamame is Addictively Tasty

Move over popcorn and kale chips. This edamame is seriously finger-licking good, not to mention you’ll be channeling your inner child popping those beans out of the pod. Some peeps squeeze them out with their fingers but you’ll love the salty roasted goodness of the pods if you pop them out with your teeth.

Super Healthy and Guilt-free – Win/Win!


What is Edamame anyhow?

Edamame are soybeans that have been harvested when young. They’re gluten free, super low in calories, contain no cholesterol, and are a complete protein that’s packed with healthy goodness – iron, calcium, vitamin C, magnesium, Vitamin K and more. (Caution if you have a soy allergy of course.)    

At 188 calories and 8.1 grams of fat per cup (unprepared) this high fibre, low fat food is a nutritional bargain.

Easy Peasy and Quick to Make

          Quick and Easy Seared Edamame

We’re talking “gourmet” good. They’re quick and easy to make and it’s easy to  be sure you always have the ingredients on hand. Trot this dish out in 15 minutes to impress even the fussiest of ‘drop by’ guests. You know, like, “Yawn, we do this all the time.”

This seared edamame recipe is Whole30, Paleo, Vegan and just plain good.

And did I say, we’re talking 10-15 minutes from start to finish.

So you get the theme right?

No chop, no peel, no sweat prep for addictive and healthy goodness in 15 minutes.

A Couple Mojo Tips

“No Sweat” Edamame


After defrosting the edamame by running cold water over it, be sure to dry them completely in a dish towel to prevent them from sweating when you’re cooking them. Because, well, the char is everything.

         Great Ingredients Make Great Food

Use grapeseed oil for its higher smoking point for the best results. Sea salt flakes     work great for this recipe. We like Maldon Sea Salt Flakes.

      Garlic Like Nana Did It

When you’re prepping the garlic, there’s no need to even peel the cloves. Just smash them with the side of a broad knife and toss ’em in the pan. If the paper-like peels bother you, pull them out. I haven’t peeled garlic for years – an Italian grandmother trick. But I do generally pull the peel away after I smash it if I am going to chop or mince the garlic.

A Hot Tip about Hot Peppers.


Once you open your dried peppers don’t put the rest in the fridge. They’ll get too soft and will be hard to work with. If left out and kept dry, they’ll easily flake over the pan and you won’t even need to chop them. Heads up! Wash your hands and don’t rub your eyes after handling them!

Use a Cast Iron or Heavy Bottomed Skillet


My dad always had a cast iron skillet out on the stove. They’re extremely dense which means they can hold heat well and will heat more evenly. And depending on what you’re cooking, you can even pop it right into the oven to finish cooking. (Think Filet Mignon!) You’ll always get a better sear or char with a cast iron skillet.



Pan Seared Edamame


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