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Creamy chocolate cherry martini mocktail

Fabulous Non-Alcoholic Chocolate Martini – The Perfect Valentine Day’s Mocktail

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and have we got some divine decadence for you! Check out this virgin chocolate cherry martini today. Who says passing on the alcohol isn’t sexy?

If you’re taking a little time off alcohol, or just don’t feel like having alcohol today, we’ve got a treat for you! It’s silky, chocolatey and oh-so-darn good. We promise- you won’t miss the hard stuff.  And you’ll pick up a couple of tips to “up” your craft cocktail game. 

For this one, I’m channeling my Nana who always had a box of chocolate-covered cherries under the seat of her old parlor chair. 

Think rich, dark deep chocolate, wild cherries, and creamy cool whipped cream.

A few years back, (amid my drinking career) we invented a martini in honor of our friend, “New Debbie.”  We called it the Chocolate Cherry Bomb. It was made with cherry-infused vodka, chocolate liqueur, milk, and maraschino cherry juice well shaken and super icy.

Yummy but deadly. 


Martini’s are sort of outside my wheelhouse right now, but I wanted to have that awesome chocolate cherry flavor and it seemed like Valentine’s Day was the perfect time to create this virgin chocolate martini mocktail recipe. 

I searched the web, cuz that’s where all good things start, right? 

Nope. Nada. Nothing!

And anything even close was packed with sugar, corn syrup, and other “off-putting “ stuff.

So I set out to create the most perfect, almost guiltless Valentine’s Day mocktail drink ever. (By the way, the more often I experiment with being alcohol-free, the less I miss it.) The real high comes from settling in with a gorgeous, creative, and well-crafted cocktail. Let’s face it. It’s about the ritual anyway. I never, maybe hardly ever miss the alcohol. And this one checks all the boxes.

They say we eat with our eyes (I wish someone would tell my a$$ that) and I guess it’s the same for drinking. So I’ve added a few tips for making this, or any other cocktail or mocktail shine. I’m thinking I knocked the flavor on this one out of the park for my first time out. Let me know what you think. 

All the ingredients you need for a chocolate cherry mocktail

You will probably already have most of the ingredients in your pantry or fridge. I did.

Your shopping list:

Cocoa mix (sweetened)  – Use Light Hot Cocoa Mix to take the calories down to 25 calories per packet if you choose.

Unsweetened Cocoa Powder –  Hershey’s will do but I used Ghirardelli ’cause I’m fancy.

Hershey’s Dark Syrup – If you already have regular chocolate syrup, use that. It’s just a swirl. (See the tip below for drizzling like a pro.)

Frozen Dark Cherries (I always have these in the fridge for smoothies)

Almond Extract (ditto)

Milk (ditto) Low-fat option is fine.

Optional Garnish:

Whipped cream

Red sugar (just for looks!). You can make your own if you want. See the tip below for that too. 

Maraschino cherries with long stems

Ok. So I  see how this looks at first glance. 

But really, it’s not that bad. 

Most of the sweet stuff is for garnish. You’ll see. 

And if you use the light options, this is no biggy. Even without substitutions, it comes in lower in calories than most standard Chocolate Martinis which FYI, can range from 340 – 438 calories. 


The regular cocoa mix I used comes in around  50 calories per tablespoon. And we only use 1 and 1/2 tablespoons for 2 drinks.

Low-fat milk at 110 calories (for 2 ) and Reddi-wip or other pressurized whipped cream comes in at 15 calories for 2 tablespoons. The Hershey’s syrup just lays there on the glass unless you sop it up with your finger. No judging if you do.  And the cocoa powder and sugar are just a dusting on the glass. 

So do the math based on which ingredients you choose to lighten up on, if any. 

Did I say there are 340 – 438 calories in a regular chocolate martini? Just saying it again.

Besides, it is Valentine’s Day.

How to decorate the perfect martini and other craft cocktail tips.

Presentation is everything!  We are creating a treat for your eyes as well as your palate, right? Here are some tips to “up” your bartending game and create the perfect Valentine’s mocktail experience. Follow us and you’ll be serving up a beautiful and scrumptious crafted cocktail like a pro! Your tip is to not expect a tip. (Uncle humor) 

Choose the perfect martini glass

The right glass will help create the perfect vibe. Think “Sex in the City.” But it also serves a purpose and contributes to your enjoyment of the taste, the aroma, and the temperature, not to mention the elegance of that sexy stem in your fingers. The design is meant to allow you to slowly sip while you enjoy the aroma of the contents. 

Chill the glasses

Nobody wants a warm martini. So chill that puppy up, not that this drink will last long enough to get warm. Remember to rinse your glasses first if they live on the top shelf like at my house. You can put them in the freezer wet and they’ll be ready in 15 minutes. If you lack space, no worries. The refrigerator will do the trick but start with a dry glass. 

Perfectly prepared glass for chocolate cherry martini - with or without alcohol

How to make a perfect drizzle in your martini glass 

Nothing takes your drink up a notch like a deep chocolate drizzle. It’s not rocket science, but there is a tiny bit of artistry to it. You can pour it straight from the squeeze bottle, but we prefer putting it in an icing bag (or small baggie) with a tiny hole in the corner. This makes for a very fine drizzle and avoids the “glops” from the container method. Hold the glass in one hand, bag in the other and slowly rotate the glass as you drizzle. Place the glass in the freezer after to allow it to set up.

How to properly rim a cocktail glass

To add some magic to your martini and make it Valentine’s Day-worthy, rim it with a mix of deep chocolate cocoa powder and red granulated sugar. This is also known as “frosting the glass.” If you’re fancy and a frequent rimmer (oh, now that’s just wrong), you can spring for a rimming dish. A regular dish or saucer is just as effective and one less thing to store. This is super simple. Just pour your cocoa and sugar mixture on the plate. Moisten the rim with cherry juice, (or chocolate syrup) and dip the upside-down glass in the mix. Twist it a little to get more mix on it. Voila. Pour the drink off the insides of the glass avoiding the rim. 

Want to make your own colored sugar?

After all, St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and you’ll be wanting the green stuff soon enough.  Just pour a little granulated sugar into the food processor and slowly add drops of food coloring until you hit your color. (Do people still use food coloring? ) Pour it on the plate and you’re done. 

The perfect valentines day cocktail - chocolate cherry martini mocktail

Dusting your martini.

Talk about the next level. Look at you using bartending’s terms. So normally “dusts” are made from reduced alcohol of some sort. In our world, we are simply sprinkling a tiny bit of the cocoa powder on the top of the drink just before serving. Think of it as pixie dust.


Whipped cream and the cherry. I am assuming there is nobody in this group who has not enjoyed a banana split or hot fudge sundae. You know what to do!

Cocktail napkins

And the final touch, the cocktail napkin is one more chance to customize the experience. Treat yourself and pull out the linen. And enjoy.

Make a batch in advance

If you’re serving this for guests, just mix up the cocoa and milk mixture in advance and let it cool, drizzle, and chill your glasses in the refrigerator, and you’re good to go.

Sit back, enjoy your alcohol-free indulgence, and party like you know tomorrow’s coming! 

xoxo, cyn

NOTE: This post was updated on February 9, 2024


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