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I’m Cynthia, and I’m glad you’ve stopped by.

Second Mojo – “Life Hacks for the Second Act.”  

So you know what a mojo is, right? 

It’s that undefinable, indescribable something that lets you know you’re doing great at doing you. 

You’re on point, you’re rocking your best self, and crushing life. 

And you know when you’ve lost your mojo.

Life knocks you off your game. 

Second Mojo is about reinvention, starting over, hitting reset.

It’s all about finding the joy of new beginnings – be they big or small. 

Maybe it’s a whole new way of being in the world, or just bringing something new into your life today – a new passion, a new recipe, or a new way to spend a Sunday. 

Sh#t happens at every age, but let’s face it, at a certain age, chances are it’s come for you by now. 

We’ll bring you everyday solutions and hacks for navigating and enjoying your second act. 

We’ll talk about lots of things here.  We’ll talk about inspiration and musings, dining decadence, exercise hacks, finding your purpose, finding the perfect cocktail.

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Sometimes we sacrifice our mojo to the big stuff – those things that shake us to the core.

  • Your career crashed at a most inopportune stage in life? (Been there.)
  • You lost your partner to death or divorce? (Yep, and yep X’s 2)
  • Unexpected health or financial issues turning your life plan upside down? 

Guess what? You’re still standing!

Sometimes it’s more subtle, but no less trying. 

  • Something’s missing, you’ve no idea what, and you’re seriously about to lose your sh*t.
  • You can’t shake the emptiness or being bored with All The Things. 
  • Nothing you can think of has really changed but–well, nothing has really changed. Maybe it’s time.
  • Or perhaps you just can’t stand stand the sound of your own voice anymore.

We’ve got your back.

It’s time to step back, take a breath, and get your second mojo on.

Life is an infinite collection of experiences. 

All those things that make us smile, that bring us peace, that make us scream, or sometimes just make us feel damn righteous. 

We’ll explore and embrace the richness of life in all its beauty, complexity and sometimes, downright silliness.

Sometimes things will be inspirational and a little bit serious. 

Most often, we’ll stay on the lighter side, with an occasional splash of zen.

Second Mojo is a place to share the stuff that brings us joy, helps us find fulfillment or maybe just gives us a well needed belly laugh from time to time.

We’ll explore things that will make life easier, more interesting, or sometimes just more fun!

Second Mojo is a community for you and me. 

I hope this is a place where we can engage, share some common experiences, and lend support and advice at a level falling somewhere between anonymous bartender and full on therapist! 

And that Second Mojo helps you rock your second act.

Let’s find our way together, have some fun, roast a better chicken, craft the perfect mocktail, be better people, and share our zen.

Take a look around, comment, and I hope you’ll subscribe.

Please, please comment on my posts, tell me what you think and what you’d like to see, and together we will create Second Mojo.  

And if you like something you see, please share.  Remember, sharing is caring. 🙂

Thanks for coming by.

Xox, cyn

Welcome to Second Mojo!